A Massachusetts dad bought his son concert tickets for his birthday. But the birthday gift was almost a bust when they got the wrong tickets. Worried the show would go on without them, he reached out to solve it 7. Brandon Gunnoe has the story.

Sean Junior and his dad, Sean Senior, love spending time together.

Both on the football field…  and kicking back, listening to their favorite band Motionless in White.

“I like their music,” Sean Jr. said. 

“They always reach out to the fans, they, you know, they’re always accessible,” Sean said. 

In the car, the band’s music is always playing.

“He has ADHD, and it’s my biggest thing is just making sure that he is, you know, calm,” Sean said. “He knows all the words to the songs, so he’s singing that, and keeps him calm and focused.”

They’ve even traveled to different states to see the group perform live.

“I like the singer and the drums,” Sean Jr. said. 

So, when the band announced it was playing in Boston this fall, Sean bought his son box seats for his birthday.

“It was important for me to make sure my son wasn’t feeling claustrophobic. He would be able to watch the crowd, but he wouldn’t be in the crowd. So, he would be calm,” Sean said. 

Sean paid an online ticket company more than $575 dollars for two seats.  

“A month later, I went to open up the email, and I opened it up, and it was the wrong tickets, wrong band, different date. I was pretty devastated. You know, I got pretty nervous,” Sean said. 

He says he called the company and got a real show-stopper:

“They said to me, they go, due to due to an internal policy, you didn’t notify us within 14 days of receiving the tickets, we can’t do anything about it” Sean said. “I spoke to two direct managers. I was very, very upset. I was distraught, you know, a lot of money. I mean, especially it was for my son. I didn’t know what to do.”

Ready to be in the limelight, Sean emailed Solve It 7.

“You guys are great. You wrote me right back, and you know, the communication was phenomenal,” Sean said. 

We emailed the company, and a representative told us:  There was an error on the ticket seller’s side which they helped resolve.

Then Sean got a call from the company.

“Hey, we just want to apologize. We want to make this right. They sent the tickets right away, and they gave us $100 credit,” Sean said.  

And the father and son duo had a blast going to the concert this week.

“I’m very grateful,” Sean Jr. said. 

“Thank you very much for everything. We appreciate you,” Sean said. 

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