7 Investigates: Bike Riders at Risk

Bicyclists can face many dangers while sharing the road with cars. But they can also be hurt by people who get out of parked cars.Read More

7 Investigates: Homeowners surprised with liens on homes after signing 40-year listing agreement

For years, music teacher Simon Watts called his Somerville condo home. He wasn’t looking to sell, but was intrigued when a real estate company, MVRead More

7 Investigates: Skating Safety

The death of a professional hockey player is sparking a push for more safety on the ice, with some saying a simple piece of equipmentRead More

7 Investigates: AI Imposters

It was an average afternoon when an unknown number popped up on Frank’s phone. “I typically don’t pick up an unknown number but for someRead More

7 Investigates: Pharmacy Frustrations

The lines and frustration at Massachusetts pharmacies are growing for some patients. After years of pharmacies slashing hours, shuttering stories and cutting staff, patients areRead More

7 Investigates: Handled With Care? Live Baby Chickens Shipped in the Mail 

Shocking and disturbing pictures you’ll see on just one station: live newborn chickens an insider tells 7 Investigates are being shipped across the country —Read More

7 Investigates: Hate Hunters

The Anti-Defamation League is on high alert over a surge in violent threats against Jewish people. They say it has ticked up since the attackRead More

7 Investigates: Without Warning

A train roaring down the tracks has one sure way to warn those ahead — a steady blast of its horn. But that’s not happeningRead More

7 Investigates: Parking Problem

A local man thought reserving a parking spot through a popular app would save him some stress but instead his car was towed.  7 InvestigatesRead More

7 Investigates: Elevator Emergencies

Disabled residents in a Boston public housing complex say they were trapped in their apartments for 15 days because of a broken elevator.  7 InvestigatesRead More