General Sales Manager

Jennifer Howe MacDermott
Ph: 617-725-0761

WHDH Local Sales Manager

Tim O’Brien
Ph: 617-248-5306

WLVI CW56 Local Sales Manager

Paul Bertoli
Ph: 617-248-5387

WHDH National Sales Manager

Patrick Commane
Ph: 617-725-0766

WLVI CW56 National Sales Manager

Brittany Nacca
Ph: 617-725-0694

Director of Marketing & Business Development

Ross Kramer
Ph: 617-725-0641

Administrative Assistant

Alyssa Godley

Ph: 617-725-0757

Traffic Manager

Patricia Markham
Ph: 617-725-0722

WHDH Account Executives

Ashley Couch: 617-725-0621

Jean Marie Chaisson: 617-725-0726

Dan Lisoski 617-725-0753

Ashley Faulhaber: 617-725-0767

WLVI CW56 Account Executives

Abdel Zadieyh: 617 248 5399

Tayla Gobbi: 617-248-5519

Curtis Monahan: 617-248-5520

Telerep Office

WHDH Vice President of Telerep office

Mike Mescolotto

Ph: 212-756-3665

WLVI General Sales Manager

Mike Mescolotto

Ph: 212-756-3665