When their flight was delayed, a Salem family put in a claim to get some cash back. But when their money took a detour, their next destination was Solve It 7. Brandon Gunnoe has the story.

Jeff and his family are frequent flyers to Europe.

“My wife is from Germany, and we try to go about once a year, we have three kids, and we want them to see their grandparents, show them around Europe,” Jeff said.

Last year they booked a flight from Boston to Germany.

“When we got to the airport, there was going to be a three-hour delay, at least,” Jeff said. 

Being a savvy traveler, Jeff knew about something called European Regulation 261.

“I think a lot of people don’t know about it,” Jeff said. 

It allows passengers on certain airlines flying to, from, or within Europe to turn some delays into dollars.  

“I was like, well, we’re gonna get something for this,” Jeff said. 

Jeff filed a claim and it was approved.

“We’d be getting 600 euros per passenger. So, 3000 euros, a substantial amount of money.  It’s compensation. That’s the purpose of it. It’s to pay you for the inconvenience,” Jeff said. 

He gave the airline his bank account information so the money could be direct deposited.  

“I called my bank and told them that I would likely be receiving money from a European bank. What is the correct routing number to use to get those funds deposited in my account? They gave me a certain number that I provided to the airline. Right away, no delays,” Jeff said. 

But Jeff encountered another airline delay: getting paid.

“They just kept saying we’ve tried to send the money. You should wait a few weeks, it should be in your account,” Jeff said.  

Jeff wondered if the routing number was the problem. “I reached out repeatedly asking, “Is the bank information incorrect?”

After a year of turbulence, Jeff emailed solve it seven, and things started to take off.

We contacted the airline. A representative reached out to Jeff and said the problem was the routing number.  

Jeff gave them a different number, and the money finally landed.

“Thank you. Thank you for whatever you did to grease the wheels and move things along,” Jeff said. 

So happy to help. Are you owed money and facing a delay? 

Give us a call at 617-367-7777. 

Or email us, which is the fastest way to reach us, at SolveIt7@whdh.com

Click here for information on how to file a claim using EU 261.

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